Airport Inn - FAQ
Rates & Availability

Frequently Asked Questions
Can I reserve a room online?:
Yes. Our rates & availability can be viewed and rooms booked here.
Reservations can also be made via e-mail or by phone at: 907-852-2525.

Are you open year around?:
Yes, we are open 365 days a year.

How far from the airport are you?:
We are located approximately 1.5 blocks from the airport. We are roughly a 3 - 5 minute walk or a quick cab ride away.
See Google Map Directions.

Do you have a shuttle service?:
No. There are multiple cab companies that will take you anywhere within town for $6 one way plus $1 for each additional passenger. If you prefer not to walk, please call one of the taxi companies listed below.

Alaska Taxi: 907-852-3000
Barrow Taxi: 907-852-2222
City Cab: 907-852-5050
Polar Cab: 907-852-8080

Where can I rent a vehicle?:
Ford cars and trucks can be rented from UIC Construction Vehicle Rental. They can be contacted at: 907-852-2700.

Do you offer tours of Barrow?:
Yes, we offer a 2-hour tour of Barrow. We do not mix groups, so your tour will be personalized to address your interests and give you the best experience possible.

Tour prices are:
1 person: $150.
2 or more people: $100 per person.

Longer tours available. Additional time billed at $100 per hour after initial 2-hour tour.

We also recommend contacting Mike Shults (Cell: 907-355-2204) from Windows to the World Photo Adventures. Mike has been in Barrow for over 40 years and provides a first class, personalized, tour service as well.

What is the weather / temperature like?:
Our summer days will typically be windy and between 30 and 45 degrees Fahrenheit.
When can I see a Polar Bear?:
Bears may come to town in search of food or passing through traveling with the sea ice. Their main hunting area near Barrow is in the ocean and on the ice. When the ice is close to land, you will have a much better chance of seeing a polar bear.

We highly recommend viewing polar bears from within the safety of a vehicle.

Is it safe to walk around?:
Yes, it is safe to walk around town. If you wish to venture away from town, be sure to travel in a vehicle and always keep a look out for any wild life (threatening and non-threatening alike).

Our winter days will typically be windy and between -20 and -35 degrees Fahrenheit.

Can I see the northern lights?:
The Northern Lights can be seen from time to time in Barrow. In our area the Aurora tend to be dimmer and more muted than those viewed south of us in Fairbanks, AK.

The best way to know if the Northern Lights will be out is to look for an Aurora Forecast site that will predict the occurance of Northern Lights.

Do you have an on-site exercise facility?:
No. There is a full exercise facility off site and is located 2 blocks away. The Piuraagvik gymnasium has a racquetball court, full basketball court, a weight room and cardio equipment.

Piuraagvik charges a small daily rate to use their facility.

Depending upon the season, the local high school may have their weight room, pool, and gymnasium open to the public on weekday evenings. This is free of charge, but indoor shoes are required.

Internet and cellular services?:
Internet and cellular services are available in town through GCI and ASTAC. Most major cellular carriers will work in the area as a roaming service.

Complimentary wireless internet is provided throughout the building during your stay.